Experience the unparalleled comfort of the egg sitter support cushion, a groundbreaking support cushion designed to alleviate pressure points, enhance air circulation, and maintain its original shape. Bid farewell to discomfort from long periods of sitting and indulge in the remarkable cradling sensation for all-day ease.

Key Features:
✔️ Pressure Relief: Egg Sitter delivers exceptional lumbar support for extended sitting, ensuring a comfortable experience.
✔️ Air Flow: Its innovative honeycomb structure seat promotes airflow, preventing discomfort and ensuring a pleasant sitting experience.
✔️ Sturdy and Adaptable: Egg Sitter is robust and versatile, fitting most office chairs and providing dependable support in various seating situations.
✔️ Unique Design: Sit on an egg without cracking it! Egg Sitter's distinctive design offers astonishing comfort for prolonged sitting sessions, supporting your back and sacrum effectively.

Size: 40x35x5cm
Material: Gel, Foam

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