✅ Defense against dust and Insects Entering Your Home
✅ Swift and Effortless Installation

Door Gap Cover - Twin Draft Door Dust Stopper Gap Sealer in Qatar
- The Twin Draft Door Guard is a Double-Sided Insulator and an Effective Dust & Draft Stopper for Doors and Windows, Serving as a Door Gap Cover.
- This insulating device helps keep cold air out and retains the warmth inside, making it ideal for doors with notably large gaps.
- Its installation is simple and can be done on both doors and windows.
For the ultimate protection, utilize both sides of the guard.
- Enjoy reduced dust and odors in your living space.
- It is suitable for use on both interior and exterior doors, making it the premier choice for door bottom sealing.
- Twin Draft Guards are designed to be double-sided and move in sync with the door's opening and closing, delivering a dual layer of air-leak prevention.

Material: Leather, Sponge

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