✅ This wudu machine can be installed in your home so that it's easy for your family to make the wudu foot washing process smoother.
✅ You don't need to worry about continuing to carry out your worship activities without any hassle.
✅ Best gift to your parents and elder ones.
✅ Easily wash your feet well without bending down, or touching with your hands.
✅ Very helpful for pregnant women to perform ablution (Wudu).
✅ Useful for elderly and disabled ones.
✅ Suitable for Wudu/ablution area in masjid, bathroom, prayer area in your home, office, shops etc.

1. The product design is made to make activities easier for the elderly
2. No need to use electricity
3. Saves water
3. Friendly for people with disabilities
4. Original product from the United Arab Emirates

Package includes:
1x Fresh water hose
1x Twin angle valve
1x Foot washer
1x Waste water hose
1x Spill guard

 Warranty: 1 Year

 Wudu Machine

Max water pressure 5 BAR
Water consumption 250ml per wash
Size 32.3x43x33cm


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