Endurance: Poly silicone solar panel
Mode: People to highlight, people walk slightly bright, dark automatic light
Range: ~ 100 sq meters

✔️ The solar sensor LED street light is very useful for night light.

✔️ No wiring, easy installation. Durable and long life.

✔️ MONEY SAVER!! Need zero electricity.

✔️ It has multiple modes. You can keep the device in ON mode, the sensor will work, and the LED panel will glow at night when there is no light. And automatically turns off in the morning when the light hits on the panel.

✔️ In motion detection mode, it detects human motion (eg: somebody walking below it), and glows for a few seconds and then turns off automatically.

✈️ Best product to send to your home country. You can fit the product outside your house.

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