Made of Durable Material: Our kitchen soap dispenser sponge rack is made of high-quality ABS material. It's durable and can be reused for years without any issues.

Easy to Use with Large Capacity: Dispensing soap onto your sponge is super easy with just one hand. Plus, it holds a good amount of soap, so you won't have to keep refilling it all the time.

All-in-One Design: This soap dispenser isn't just for soap – it also has space for your sponge and other cleaning tools. It's designed to save space on your sink while making dishwashing a breeze.

No Leaks, Easy to Clean: Say goodbye to spills! Our dispenser has a leak-proof design, and when it's time to clean, it's as simple as taking out the tray and giving it a quick rinse. Perfect for a hassle-free kitchen setup and a great gift for friends or family.
Press down to release soap, One handed operation design, Convertible storage, Non-slip base
Material ABS
Capacity 350ml
Size 23x10x8cm

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